1957 Custom BelAir Convertible | 07/09/2011 20:58
1957 Custom BelAir ConvertibleAutor: Pops
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Opis: Game. Add-on car for SLRR LE2MWM. Also tested with v230LE and v221.


The model was scaled to Magnum Force\'s BelAir57 by Hald and retains the MF Cutout Hood (re-scaled) and Dash center trim (re-textured). It comes with paintable DS Factory Recaro style seats by Diego R., 17 inch LowProfile tires by JAG,, and new American Racing rims with Robban mounting bolts. Other new and modified parts are reflected in the Readme file attached.


- Paintable steering Wheel does not render as such when full vehicle is purchased. The paintable steering wheel must be re-purchased from the Catalog in order to paint it.

- ValeCity and night races. Alt Tab game to desktop and re-enter game gets VC access on LE2MWM. v221 and V230LE accessed ValeCity OK with Shadow off. Shadow off results in windows glowing bright white during night races.


- Unknown 3dsMax Author. 1957 Belair 3dsMax model. See pic in Pops\' GOM Gallery.
- Magnum Force. BelAir57 meshes used in scaling the BelAir_Conv model.
- Robban. Slotmag rim meshes and textures facilitating construction of the Prime based 9x17 and 10x17 American Racing rims.
- JAG. JAG\'s LowProfile 17 inch tire adds a Custom touch of class. Thanks for permission to use this tire!
- Diego R. The DS Recaro style paintable seats add an additional Custom touch of class. Thanks for permission to use the seats!
- Invictus. The Prime chassis which re-scaled and chopped to form basis for the 1957 BelAir Convertible chassis.

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