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Here is my newest master piece :)

Porsche 996 Turbo/GT2/Ruf Rturbo.

I started this model before the Viper but now is finaly finished :)
Car is made on clean 2.2.1 game version and finalized on MWM.
Tested on two game version and work good on both.

So if you have a problem and can you fix it please contact me via pm. I like to know where I made a mistake. THX
(All original files are included)

Copy Porsche_996Turbo_data and Porsche_996Turbo.rpk to the cars/racers directory.

car uses only V6 engines.
With the original transmission from the dealer is car FWD.
If you dont like NFS shift reflection you can change it on textures folder. Just rename odlesk1.png, odlesk2.png or odlesk3.png to odlesk.png
On the Ruf trunk you can place your own wing.

Cosmetic parts (Under bumpers) may cause strange behavior on impact. (Their _phys is... not perfect) :D
At around 9k+ rpm can needle exceed the \"dial\". (Problem of powerful engines)
With the original transmission from the dealer is car FWD.

Used model parts:
Some interier parts are from forza motorsport3 (Porsche GT3)
Load bay is from NFS Shift (Porsche Cayman)
Chassis is from TDU (Ruf Rturbo)
Everything else is modeled


My mesh (3D, scx) parts are my property and can not be used without my permission. :)

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#1 | kocur96 dnia 12 październik 2012 13:42:13
jak wgrałem ten mod to gra mi się wyłączała Wkurzony
#2 | spenser95 dnia 31 marzec 2013 13:54:30
#3 | jakubkubik dnia 09 kwiecień 2013 12:36:38
a mi nieJęzyk
#4 | KineQ dnia 03 maj 2013 10:29:47
nie dziala Język
#5 | szkelet dnia 16 maj 2013 14:17:19
eee jak zrobić taki garaż
#6 | Quastraled dnia 21 styczeń 2014 19:35:39
a macie wersje 2.3.0

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