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Opis: After a couple of false starts, the NFS Shift 2010 Falken Mustang is being released as Beta. This is my first game rip and remodel for export to SLRR, so I\'m sure some things could have been done differently and better.

General Car Note:
- Car runs pretty good at Nevada Desert ... 1 minute 11 seconds my best time ... taking air on first 3 jumps landing smoothly on all fours vice nose dives ... stopping straight unless steering wheel turned.
- Car is model of Drift Racer, but I cannot drift race and do not know how to set up for these events.
- Car is not paintable retaining the NFS Shift paint scheme. Rollcage is paintable.

LE2mwm Notes.
- Going into ValeCity my game crashed ... Not sure if it\'s the car or my game setup. Car ran OK on other tracks.
- Although car has a smaller polycount than the 1957 BelAir Convertible (chart below), the lag when game renders the 2010 Falken seemed more noticable.

SLR v230LE Notes.
- Drove in ValeCity and Night Racing OK. Big money bets with faster Vipers ... lag seemed less pronounced ... If you want to win against the Viper, use the GOM Viper engine.

SLR v221 Notes.
- Drove in ValeCity and Night Racing. No problem during the races.
- Cockpit lights up at night ... Don\'t yet know why or how to fix this.
- Rear wheels set up differently than with LE2MWM and v230le ... Providing separate _main.cfg for v221.

- EA for NFS Falken Mustang in the Shift Game. Use of this SLRR version for commercial purposes requires permission of the NFS folk.
- SNOOP Known as SNOOP(AVS) for the seat belts on the Torino [Bride] seats. Requested permission to use, but there was no response to my PM. If this is or becomes an issue, will remove the belts.
- Robban for his rim bolts and texture.

Terms of use as adopted from Robban_9000\' SAAB Readme:
- The models, skins and other files are for private use only
- Commercial use of this modification is strictly prohibited
- You are allowed to edit/modify the files if you give me the credit for the original mod
- All Registered Trademarks and Copyrights are property of their respective owners

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#1 | Malice dnia 11 lipiec 2012 16:27:04
Pełno ich na złomowisku a w salonie nie wiem bo mi nie działa
#2 | JohnyPlayGames dnia 26 październik 2014 18:32:39
Pobiera się Cieszy się ciekawe czy będzie działalo?

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