1932 Ford Model B coupe Fixed | 08/04/2012 10:14
1932 Ford Model B coupe FixedAutor: NICOPRODUCCIONES and Me
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Opis: Ford model B coupe fixed by miegalius orginal by NICOPRODUCCIONES
So, since this was realesed way unfinished, and i really like this car, I decided to fix it a bit (what was in my powers lol).
What I did was:
-stockpart list
-removed duhen stuff from catalog
-Did names for some parts
-fixed some positions
-removed unneeded chassis from the catalog
What it still needs:
-More parts
-a V8 to come with it in the catalog (don\'t know how to do it)
-and some other stuff...
So, uh, enjoy, this is a fun mod (well for me atleast lol)

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#1 | oskiosa1234 dnia 13 grudzień 2014 14:02:26
super samochud taki mieli niedawno w gaz monkey

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