1969 Plymouth GTX | 19/02/2016 00:16
1969 Plymouth GTXAutor: MagnumForceTeam
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Opis: Modification includes 5 chassis:
Each chassis have its own wheels
All light have custom setting
Custom settings Physics
Modification includes 7 rims 11 tyres with different size, all tires and wheels are in the same radius - R15
Modification includes 5 options exhaust system
Modification includes 8 options hood, including stock [all paintable]
Modification includes 3 options rollcage
Includes 5 additional gauges
Includes 2 options windows
Includes rear wing Drag-Style
Includes fiberglass quarter panel Harwood
Includes rear Wheelie Bar fot Drag-version GTX
Includes fuel cell
Includes capacity of nitrous oxide
Includes capacity of fire protection system Safecraft, paintable, only fot Drag-version GTX

*Note: All additional details, except glass and exhaust systems are found in the \"Body\" -> \"Kits\".

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